About the study

Regardless of how or when the yips arrive in your golf game

One simple fact overrides all others

The feelings of helplessness that follow

Are not fun

Mainly because as hard as you try to hit the right putt or shot

Head out to practice in an attempt to try and get rid of them

Or try the latest great piece of advice you have been given

That’s supposedly the ‘sure fire cure’

Once the yips have arrived

You are simply not in control of what’s going on

In that area of you golf game

And yet the rest of your game may be fine

The yips are one of the most frustrating things you will ever experience

And that’s putting it nicely!

Failure to get past them ends up causing thousands of golfers each year

To simply give up the game they love

Even though the rest of their game may well still be very good

For an example on that check out my story here

So this study is born out of two things

Firstly my quest to find out exactly why these things turn up

I’d like to find the answers to such questions as;

Why do the yips only affect some golfers?

How is it that some golfers are able to get past them?

Has age, gender, length of time spent golfing and skill level at the game – really got anything to do with it?

Why is it golfers seem to get either putting or chipping yips but not both at the same time?

Are driver yips really caused by the same thing as putting and chipping yips?

If so, why don’t golfers report suffering from 3 wood yips, 3 iron yips or hybrid yips?

Which by the way if you do – please go do the ‘Other yip survey’ straight away so I can find out more about that!

Are there any common factors that can be found that lead to the yips?

Are short putt yips completely different than long putt yips?

Does diet, health or other lifestyle factors have an effect on both the cause and the severity of the yips?

And secondly

Can I use the information and experiences of as many yip golfers around the world that I can find

To actually come up with some real tools to be able to combat the yips

Because let’s face it

Most people simply don’t have a conclusive answer as to why they happen or an actual cure that works for very long

In my efforts to research the causes and cure of the yips over the past few years

Every study or pseudo study I have looked at so far has a sample of maybe 20 – 40 golfers

Not exactly useful when I estimate that there are

Potentially a million or more golfers around the world who suffer from the yips

So the point of this study is to gather as much information from yips golfers around the world as possible

To see if some commonalities can be found

If it possible that there are some common factors that lead to the yips

It can help to really (once and for all) figure out what causes these things

And in doing so

Come up with the actual cure

So thanks for your time in reading this

And completing whichever survey is relevant to you

Putting Yip Survey

Driver Yip Survey

Chipping Yip Survey

Other Yip Survey

One more thing

I urge you to please share this study with as many other golfers as possible

So that they can participate in the survey

Who knows?

An answer that one of the golfers you know gives in this study

May be the one that holds the key to it all

To get rid of your yips

That’s worth making the effort to send it on to them isn’t it?

Together we can beat the yips